What is ZNAQ?

We’ve built an infrastructure to maximize the benefits from cryptocurrency trading.

There are two diferent platforms ZNAQ users can enjoy: ZNAQ Exchange & ZNAQ Analytics.

ZNAQ allows you to benefit from the whole crypto world by having only one coin type! Enjoy a state of the art trading platform and analytical system, which can be synchronized and automize your trading activity. We provide advanced trading and analytical instruments to ensure everyone can profit from the cryptocurrency market!

We provide advanced trading and analytical instruments to ensure everyone can profit from cryptocurrency market!

ZNAQ Exchange

Trading at the new level

ZNAQ Exchange platform includes the best possible features. It is built on three main trading laws and takes into account cryptocurrency liquidity problems.

Our Exchange gives a comfortable opportunity to follow all crypto world news, hence, to sell or buy coins at best conditions possible. It has long list of key features and based on solid engine work. Above all, ZNAQ Exchange has an outstanding advanced APIs.

  • Liquidity aggregation
    Enough sellers and buyers on both sides, so the flow of deals is constant.
  • Index based trading
    Uniting several digital assets in one group and operating it on the crypto market.
  • Margin trading
    Even small investments can open huge deals helped by the leverage trading we offer.
  • Portfolio management
    Allows to use exceptional and unique crypto portfolio trackers.
ZNAQ Analytics

Analyze the market in seconds

ZNAQ Analytics is a web platform with many specific tools and features explicitly set for the convenience of our future users. It performs analytical functions, market research and offers the best solution and strategy based on your requirements.

Our analytical platform will provide several advanced technical analysis, analytical bots, ratings, real-time analysis and many more. Analytical market reports will be provided on a weekly basis.

ZNAQ Analytics

Manage capital smartly

The platform provides various functions to review investment opportunities and make the best choice. One of them is our unique portfolio assembling and management system which works with analytical bots and quant tools. It will be tracking the market and analyze your portfolio to suggest relevant trading options.

Users will always have an opportunity to share their trading thoughts and ask for advice within the community or from our analytical team.

ZNAQ Analytics

Trader Incentive

ZNAQ Analytics is a platform with unique characteristics, thanks to which any client can significantly benefit. About the benefits:

- Our users will get into crypto community by joining our themed chat.
- Use analytical information received from the platform, to increase his/her capital.
- Stay in touch with all the crypto world changes and news.
- Stay connected to the platform from different devices to make it more convenient.
- Expand or train his/her skills of trading with our analytical tools
- Feel safe about his/her investments and transactions due to ZNAQ analysis and projections.

ZNAQ Exchange

ZNAQ Exchange Features:

Index based trading

We provide an opportunity to maximize revenues by trading high-volatility indexes.

Leverage trading

Earn even more from cryptocurrency trading with up to 100x multiplier to your deposit value.

Liquidity aggregation

We synchronize API with several exchanges, so there will always be a liquidity for every order type.

what you get ?


ZNAQ Coins can be used not only as a trading asset, but they also open new possibilities in ZNAQ Exchange and Analytics and make the trading process more convenient and straightforward. Also, a certain amount of coins can provide our clients with additional bonuses.

Utility functions and bonuses:


ZNAQ Exchange:

Commission payments, increase limits of leverage, insurance for trades, proof of stake voting


ZNAQ Analytics:

Payment for subscription and purchase of additional packages. Each package will enable additional functions and opportunities.


ZNAQ Coin Bonuses:

Users and coin holders will be granted with an additional bonus, for merely holding ZNAQ Coin. More information is available in the whitepaper.


ZNAQ Coin is issued using Ethereum blockchain via smart contract. ZNAQ Coins complies with ERC 20 standard and therefore, is transferable in Ethereum network.

Mobile Apps

Trade & Analyse as you go

To provide our users with the most convenient experience, our team is developing mobile versions of ZNAQ Platforms.

We continuously follow worldwide technology updates and aim for the best client-friendly devices compatibility. ZNAQ Exchange and ZNAQ Analytics will be available as:

  • Web-based trading clients.
  • Native Android clients.
  • Native iOS clients.
  • Native PC Windows clients.


Meet our experts

We are pleased to introduce our key team members developing ZNAQ.

Vladimir Makarov

Maxim Lukyanenko

Konstantin Plyusnin

Oleg Zadorozhnyi
Lead Analyst

Anthony Vovchuk
Financial Analyst

Vagab Kaziakhmedov
Financial Analyst

Nicholas Loi
Crypto Analyst

Alex Kshutashvili
Lead Developer

Gina Monastyrna
Solidity Developer

Eugene Rayenko
Integrations and Frontend

Antony Makushchenko

Natalie Tuyagina

Kate Kiyko

Artem Militsyn

Elias Balykin
Media Production



Andrew Rippon
Board Advisor

Specifies on Blockchain Technology Evaluation. A leader of blockchain practice at NXN, co-founder at Fiduxa

Paul Francis
Board Advisor

Advisor, Blockchain Enthusiast with 11+ years experience in companies such as Naseba, IQPC and Trescon Global

Aleksi Aaltonen
Board Advisor

Has a long history as an entrepreneur from the early internet to blockchains. Startups / Marketing / Tech / Investing

Nicholas Somerville
Board Advisor

Over 25 years experience in equity, financial markets and Mergers & Acquisitions. Guru of finance with impressive global network

Bogdan Fiedur
Board Advisor

Blockchain expert, a frequent speaker at high-profile blockchain-themed events, president of

Oleksiy Imas
Board Advisor

Investment, government and high-tech advisor with over 15 years professional experience. Former CEO of ZNAQ


Timeline of ZNAQ development

Concept development
Team formation
Financial analysis and economic model
Technological analysis
Development plan
Investment round
Legal procedures
Beginning of technical development
ZNAQ Exchange
  • Ordinary trading process
  • Leveraged trading
  • Index based trading
ZNAQ Analytics
  • Ordinary analysis
  • Indexes & Indicators
  • Altcoin research service
ZNAQ Exchange
  • Mobile applications
  • Portfolio Management System
  • Liquidity Aggregation System
ZNAQ Analytics
  • ICO ratings
  • Mobile applications
  • Analytical reports
ZNAQ Exchange
  • Lightning Network & Atomic Swaps Integration
  • Partly Decentralization
ZNAQ Analytics
  • Portfolio Assembling
  • Advanced technical analysis
  • Bots & Quant tools
ZNAQ Documents

Detailed look at ZNAQ

More information about the project can be found in our whitepaper. The description of our main trading index is explained in the ZNAQ Market Capitalization Index Rulebook.

Market Capitalization Index Rulebook

Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided a bit more information for most common questions we receive. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Our margin funding feature goes hand in hand with margin trading. If you are not a trader and prefer safer investments, this feature is for you.

ZNAQ allows you, using your Funding Wallet, to provide funding in any of our various funding currencies to traders. You can enter offers with your own chosen terms (return rate, duration, and amount). When an offer is taken by a trader, the money in your wallet will be used to buy or sell Bitcoins. When the position expires (the trader closes his position), Bitcoins are bought or sold back, and the money is returned to your wallet.

Aggregate liquidity refers to the ease of execution for transactions for everyone in the entire market. ZNAQ aggregates the liquidity from several liquidity providers and allows traders to trade with many participants using a single API.

The minimum order sizes for each trading pair is periodically adjusted to maintain order sizes that are reasonably proportioned to their values. The ultimate goal is to keep the minimum order size between an equivalent value of 10-25 USD, while limiting the changes to the minimum order sizes to useful incremental values.

Settlement is correcting a negative balance.

Example: A trader completes a trade and ZNAQ charges a trading fee of 0.1 BTC, but the trader has only US dollars in his wallet and no BTC. ZNAQ will then settle the charge by converting the USD available in the trader’s account into BTC. To make this conversion, the rate used is the last ask price (if ZNAQ settles a negative BTC balance) or bid price (if ZNAQ settles a negative USD balance). This debit is displayed in your settled balance and a credit to the other balance.

Those indicators are often valuable when it comes to the market analysis to find potential trading privileges. Let’s consider a few critical points in this regard:

-Price Volume Chart Techniques


-Advanced Technical Indicators and Market Indicators

-Crowd behavior and market cycles

-Elliott Wave Principle

-Fibonacci ratio and Price Projection

Especially for active crypto traders who continuously follow blockchain updates online, we installed some useful trading tools in our platform. The whole list is below:



-Fundamental analysis

-Coin specifications

-Investment statistics


-Live price

-Crypto calendar and events

Indexes are useful for explaining some coins or tokens needed according to the set criteria. ZNAQ Analytics will develop various indicators for market analysis and expected forecasts such as:

-ICO success rate indicator

-Multi-direction of altcoins and top 10 currencies indicator

-Indicator of fiat currency outflow

-Indicator of fiat currency inflow

-Market correction indicator

-More trading products are in development.

The platform will use specially designed algorithms operating in real time that will do several things:

-Keep track of historical yields of significant cryptocurrencies across the crypto world.

-Calculate a host of indices pre-designed by ZNAQ Analytics team.

-Access all major crypto exchanges around the globe at the same time to find the best (cheapest) sell offers for currencies used in the assembled portfolio drafts.

The primary purpose of a coin is for it to gain value due to its usage within the platforms and hence, continuous demand for it. ZNAQ infrastructure has several payment options for its clients to use: ZNAQ Exchange commission payments and limits & ZNAQ Analytics payments.

Using leverage is an interesting thing because you can use way more money than you have. Traders use their own money only in case of a necessity to cover unexpected losses. We added another advantage: the limit of the leverage loan will grow according to your ZNAQ Coins balance. The more coins you have - the more leverage limit you get.

Proof of stake voting rights to add new coins. As new cryptocurrencies appear, exchanges are striving to add them all. Such decisions are mostly considered by exchange administrators or representatives. We give our clients an opportunity to choose which currency we should add next. Once per week, happy holders of ZNAQ Coin can vote. The more coins one has - the more his/her votes will be considered.

In case of holding ZNAQ Coins for over a month, their owner will receive a certain amount of ZNAQ Indexes as a bonus. The Indexes offered depends on the ZNAQ Coins amount the person is holding. We calculate it this way: 10 indexes for each 100 000 coins. For example, a person holding 200 000 coins will get 20 indexes, 300 000 coins will bring 30 indexes, and so on. We should mention the Indexes amount will also depend on how long a person holds coins. Each extra month will bring an additional multiplier for ZNAQ Indexes to be received. This feature will be added after ZNAQ Exchange official launch.


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